5 best reasons to have your next event in a functions room


Life's key moments should really be shared with those you love and cherish. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, twenty-firsts, baby showers, fundraisers and Christmas celebrations are made just that little bit more special when they’re held at great party venues.


A brilliant function room can make or break your party. The ambience is important, but this can often be altered with the right decorations and lighting. The layout is even more significant – you want your guests to be able to walk through the venue easily without feeling hemmed in. And, of course, it’s essential to find a room that works for your event because a corporate function requires a vastly different and more formal space than a wedding or party.


Choosing the right venue is crucial to the success of your event. Whether you're planning an intimate soiree or a massive bash for a hundred guests or more, here's a list of the best reasons to choose a functions room to put the fun in function:


  1. Function rooms can cater for a wide range of budgets. When you’re planning a party, you naturally want the best of everything. Many function rooms hire out more than just a space – you can get a range of packages that might include food, wait staff, entertainment, decorations and more. Packaging up your event like this can result in considerable savings, not to mention the stress-free factor of having someone else do all the legwork. All you’ll need to do is send the invitations and plan your party outfit!
  2. Choose the size you need. Venue hire companies often have multiple options on their books to match your exact needs. You want a room that can accommodate your guests (plus a few extras if necessary) but not be too large – when guests are swimming in space, it can really kill the vibe. The same goes for if you have too many people crammed into a tiny space. Function room staff can talk you through your needs and find the perfect fit for your unique circumstances.
  3. Technology right at hand. For business event organisers, choosing a functions room can be a great boon because everything’s often at hand to make the experience a success for all concerned – WIFI, projectors, microphones, sound equipment and more. Plus, when it comes time for tea and lunch breaks, your team will enjoy being served right at the conference table.

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  1. Easy accessibility for everyone. An easy to reach location is vital for hosting a winning get together. It’s not always possible to find a venue that suits everyone, but if you make it too hard for the majority of guests to find or get close to your venue, they might not make your party at all. Most function rooms are already set up for large parties, which means they’re located close to convenient public transport and have enough parking spaces to accommodate your guests. They’ve probably also taken steps to ensure all ages and bodies can access the venue safely and comfortably – ideal if grandma and grandpa are special attendees, or if you’ll need wheelchair access, no stairs or a baby change room on site.